Plan Code Speed ^ Data Validity Price (Rs.)
BB-U-30000-1 Up to 4 Mbps 40000 MB* 1 Month 1000
BB-U-50000-1 Up to 4 Mbps 50000 MB 1 Month 1500
BB-U-70000-1 Up to 4 Mbps 70000 MB 1 Month 2000
BB-U-140000-1 Up to 4 Mbps 140000 MB 1 Month 3500
BB-U-50000-3 Up to 4 Mbps 50000 MB 3 Months 2000
BB-U-100000-3 Up to 4 Mbps 100000 MB 3 Months 3000
BB-U-30000-12 Up to 4 Mbps 30000 MB 12 Months 3000
BB-U-250000-12 Up to 4 Mbps 250000 MB 12 Months 10000
BB-U-500000-12 Up to 4 Mbps 500000 MB 12 Months 15000
BB-U-1000000-12 Up to 4 Mbps 1000000 MB 12 Months 25000

^ Bandwidth speed indicated is as per TRAI guidelines, upto our ISP node & no SLA applicable.
*On activation one time only, default 30000 MB.
In case of last mile through 2.4 Ghz. Wireless, maximum speed will be up to 2 Mbps only.
Service Tax Extra as Applicable. Presently @ 12.36%.

Kappa Internet Services Private Limited focuses on high quality and excellent customer service at affordable and competitive price. We will provide you corporate solutions for internet connectivity. Our Internet service is ideal for companies who use FTP, Mail Server, VOIP, ERP applications, streaming, audio and it is provisioned on last mile such as fiber and R.F network.

Why choose Internet Bandwidth from KAPPA

Scalable performance at any speed: Our network can scale to meet any customer bandwidth requirements, no matter how demanding.
World-class infrastructure: Packets are delivered over KISPL Fiber’s MPLS-enabled, congestion-free, carrier-class IP backbone.
Flexible price structure: Buy bandwidth based on actual usage, or at fixed rates.
Aggressive Service Level Agreements: Our promises are backed up by industry-leading SLAs on network availability, latency, and packet delivery for dedicated Internet leased line subscribers
Managed end-to-end solutions: Let KISPL manages your total Internet solution, including circuit ordering and managed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
Real-Time reporting: Customers have online access to real-time statistics, circuit utilization information, network status, scheduled maintenance reports and trouble ticketing.

KISPL Clearly adds more value to your business: